Summer 2020. Updates within “Other Documents” include photograph of Robert Creeley and Bobbie Louise Hawkins and family, “Poetry is Revolution” broadside, teaching schedule for the New College of California Poetics Program, and more.

Summer 2017, 2018. Updates within “Magazines and Presses” include new entries for: The Alternative Press (Ken Mikolowski), Gnomon (Jonathan Greene), Poetry New York: A Journal of Poetry & Translation (Burt Kimmelman); Vagabond (John Bennett); Silver (Norman C. Mallory); Hot Water Review (Peter Bushyeager); Stony Brook (George Quasha); Suction (Alastair Johnston); First Intensity: A Magazine of New Writing (Judith Roitman); and Hornswoggle (Rufus T. Firefly).

March 29, 2017. Updates within “Magazines and Presses” include new entries for: # Magazine (by Harry Lewis), The Ant’s Forefoot (by David Rosenberg), The San Francisco Earthquake (by Jan Herman), Grist (by Jim McCrary), Long News in the Short Century (by Barbara Henning), Momentum and Momentum Press (by Bill Mohr), Mulch (by Harry Lewis), Search for Tomorrow (by George Mattingly), Sundial and SUN (by Bill Zavatsky), Sunshine (by Alan Bernheimer), Unmuzzled OX (by Michael Andre), Tansy (by Kyle Waugh), and Tooth of Time Review (by John Brandi).

January 31, 2017. Updates within “Magazines and Presses” include new entries for: Abraxas (by Ingrid Swanberg), Aion: A Journal of Traditionary Science, Arsenal: Surrealist Subversion, Ashen Meal, Chumolungma Globe (by Andrew Schelling), Dark Ages Clasp the Daisy Root (by Andrew Schelling), Extensions (by Suzanne Ostro (Zavrian)), Fire Exit (by William Corbett), Ins & Outs: A Magazine of Awareness (by Eddie Woods), Jimmy & Lucy’s House of “K” (by Andrew Schelling), Lost and Found Times (by John M. Bennett), Luna Bisonte Prods (by John M. Bennett), New American Writing (by Paul Hoover), Oink! (by Paul Hoover), Streets and Roads (by Kit Robinson), Sugar Mountain (by Lewis Warsh), Swollen Magpie Press (by Charles North), the (by Jack Collom), The Boston Eagle (by William Corbett), and The Genre of Silence.

Plus over 35 other documents, including ephemera, photographs, drawings, flyers from the likes of Hans Haacke, William Burroughs, Douglas Huebler, Ron Silliman, Marshall Reese, Ted Berrigan, Allen Ginsberg, Ed Sanders, Ira Cohen, Charles Bernstein, Piero Heliczer, Richard Brautigan, Claude Pélieu, Judy Grahn, and others.

December 30, 2016. Updates within “Magazines and Presses” include new entries for: All Area, whe‘re, Contour, Merlin, Change, Gnaoua, The San Francisco Public Library, Big Table, A Curriculum of the Soul, The Magazine of Further Studies, and North Country Medicine.

December 28, 2016. Added Other Documents, a sampling of reading flyers and assorted ephemera.

December 23, 2016. Soft launch of site. Includes original content from the book and a completely reworked section of “Short Entries,” located within Magazines and Presses.