Lost and Found Times

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Lost and Found Times

John M. Bennett and Douglas Landies
Columbus, Ohio

Nos. 1–53/54 (1975–2005).

Nos. 1–53/54 in 51 items. Double issues: 6/7, 13/14, 17/18, 21/22. 53/54 is in two parts; no. 26 includes a cassette.

John M. Bennett and Douglas Landies (1–4); John M. Bennett (4–53/54)

Lost and Found Times 1 (August 1975).

Lost and Found Times had its origins in 1975 as a Fluxus and mail art stunt hatched by myself and the painter Douglas Landies. The first two issues consisted of fake “lost and found” notices printed on single sheets distributed through the mail and by being put under car windshield wipers in a shopping center parking lot. Landies died suddenly after the fourth issue, and I continued it until 2005, publishing exciting, outrageous, and unacceptable writing, art, and unclassifiable materials that I considered beautiful and vitally important. They were also materials that no one else would publish. Many of the contributors, first published in Lost and Found Times, have become prominent innovative and experimental writers and artists. The magazine is an unparalleled resource for understanding North American and International avant-garde cultures during the thirty years of its existence.

— John M. Bennett, Columbus, Ohio, January 2017

Lost and Found Times 6/7 (February 1979). Broadside Pak Issue.


“I consider the magazine one of most outstanding compendiums of international experimental literature and poetry. It is one of the few periodicals that I subscribe to in duplicate because I believe that it will have long-lasting importance as a poetic mark of our times.”

— Marvin Sackner

Contributors include

Blaster Al Ackerman
Reed Altemus
Ivan Argüelles
Guy R. Beining
C. Mehrl Bennett
John M. Bennett
Robin Crozier
K.S. Ernst
Charles Henri Ford
Peter Ganick
Scott Helmes
Bob Heman
Dick Higgins
Davi Det Hompson
Ray Johnson
Karl Kempton
Richard Kostelanetz
Jim Leftwich
Carlos M. Luis
Sheila E. Murphy
Opal L. Nations
Rea Nikonova
Bern Porter
Keith Rahmmings
Marilyn R. Rosenberg
Serge Segay
Andrew Topel
Nico Vassilakis
Christina Zawadowsky
and the editors

Lost and Found Times 49 (December 2002). Cover by Peter Ganick.